19 November 2021, h 6:00 pm



Demo Working Group
Neue Weyerstraße 9

D-50676 Cologne



Tim Plamper
Giulia Ottavia Frattini

HYPERWOUND is a group exhibition that brings together nine international artists belonging to different generations and characterised by diverse practices and media. The show is hosted by Demo Working Group from 19th to 21st November 2021 aspiring to engage in dialogue with Art Cologne 2021 that takes place in the same time frame. The project is curated by Tim Plamper and Giulia Ottavia Frattini.


The exhibition questions the idea of categories seen as structures that organise experience and knowledge. According to the curatorial take, categorisation is a notion not to be intended as static but instead as liquid: categories are intertwining systems that must contain within themselves the potential for exchange and renewal. The purpose is to foster further considerations around this topic through the selected artworks.


The hosting venue itself reinforces and activates a reflection on this theme. Starting from an architectural point of view, for this occasion, the collective Demo Working Group broadens its agenda by inviting multiple disciplines to take over their working environment. With a temporary transformation of the space the transitional position of interchange and infiltration will be made visible. The venue is, in fact, an architectural office based in Cologne downtown. It is located on the ground floor at one of the most neuralgic spots within the city, and through its double-sided glazing, it stands as an extension of the urban space. Therefore, the boundary between interior and exterior, the public and the private, is faced daily. The border is one of the most fundamental triggers from the architectural perspective; this concept, together with a space-creating approach, will be explored and expanded through the lens of an artistic intervention.


Within the exhibition, the skin and its layers are used as a metaphor to unfold a room for interaction between realities or states of different nature: “the inside and the outside are not absolute but instead always convey renegotiable degrees of permeability and enclosure, separation and mutual influence.

Surface, threshold, border, liminality, encounter and collision appear as crucial terms in the exhibition's conception.



Mit Borrás

Svetlana Hollis

Jürgen Klauke

Henri Michaux

Gina Pane

Tim Plamper

Torbjørn Rødland

Gian Spina

Raphaela Vogel