Wien Museum Musa Startgalerie
8. April 2021 - 5. Mai 2021
Melanie Ender's expansive sculptural installations consist mostly of processed plasterboard panels stripped of layers of paper in combination with fine brass formations, non-ferrous metals, and plaster casts. The deliberate repetition of material combinations and formal elements emphasizes the process and establishes connections between the individual works. In conceptual and yet poetic texts, the artist elaborates on her engagement with the material during her work. 

In her exhibition smooth, so surface! oh yeah.... the artist combines sculptural fragments into her compositions. In this sense, the image is conceived as an installative moment within which sculptural elements both enter into permanent connections and are temporarily positioned in relation to one another. In the works of Melanie Ender a temporal level is perceptible, based on an intensive physical examination of the materials and their relationship to each other. 

Melanie Ender *1984 in Vienna | 2006-2013 University of Applied Arts Vienna, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna | 2019 Nomination Kardinal König Art Prize | Exhibition participations among others at Belvedere 21 and the MAK | Residency Programs in Istanbul, Turin and Rome