German artist Timm Ulrichs, born in Berlin in 1940, is an unwavering observer of life, of his own existence and that of others. His art extends beyond all typifying definitionsHe fathoms human existence in order to make it perceptible.‘Nothing is too big or too small to be observed’ (Timm Ulrichs). Experiences and discoveries resulting from this experimental practice are found in his works, which are carried by irony, in a way that opens up thoughts and enriches thinking. Timm Ulrichs questions what concerns us all. He creates awareness for everyday reality and prepares it with a lot of humor paired with philosophical thinking.


The works on show in the untitled projects gallery feature the recurring themes from his strikingly broad scope of interdisciplinary accomplishments. They deal with the relationship between the self and the world, the spectacular within the banal, alternations of presence and the process of vanishing as well as language in the form of concrete poetry. The artworks presented are united by the minimal intervention of change, the deception-free déjà vu, the brief moment of the changed perspective and the aha experience as a surprising experience of familiar contexts of meaning.


Art and life are his credo. He subjects himself to the most adverse circumstances in order to develop art actions that postulate the conditions of being human. The public is also invited to postulate something of their own and thereby get a taste of what Timm Ulrichs has been doing for 60 years. 

(Sabine Kienzer, 2021)